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On April 22, 2014, United Educators sponsored a webinar that included:

--Preparing for a crisis

--Managing a crisis

--Addressing the emotional toll 

United Educators' webinar is archived at the EduRisk Solutions website.  It can be accessed by clicking the button below.
Copies of the book are available from Stylus or 



Monographs and Media Production

Presidents: Caught in the Middle.  Washington, DC:  American Council on Education, 2013. (With Alegneta Asfaw and Brandon Jackson)


Leadership in Times of Crisis:  “Cool Head, Warm Heart.” Washington, DC:  American Council on Education, 2012.  (With Meredith S. Billings and Christopher J. Nellum)


A President's Perspective:  The Administration of Higher Education.  Eleven chapter e-text produced at Auburn University.  Commentary  on topics including town and gown, diversity, athletics, academics, etc.




“Indigenous Histories and Contemporary Realities.”  In ArtCalusa: Reflections on Representation. Edited by Theresa M. Schober. Fort Myers, FL: Lee Trust for Historic Preservation, 2013.


“Preserving the Future: ‘Green’ Campuses and the Politics of Change.” In The Future of Higher Education.  Edited by Gary A. Olson and John W. Presley. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2009. Reissued as paperback in 2011. 


“Academic Leadership in a Time of Change.”  Emeritus Voices (Summer 2022): 97-101.

"Academic Leadership in a Time of Change."  ASU Emeritus College Newsletter 16,2(Winter-Spring 2022): 1,7,8.

“Universities look for ways to keep spirits up.” LinkedIn. April 19, 2020. (With Barbara Kaufman) 

"US is Losing an Opportunity for Economic Growth."  The PIE News (March 2, 2018)

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"Partnerships to Accelerate Globalization on Campus."  Change:  The Magazine for Higher Learning (Nov.-Dec. 2017): 36-43.

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“The Growing Risk Facing our Greatest Export.”  Higher Education Today (ACE Blog) (January 23, 2017). (With Bradley D. Farnsworth)  

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“Missing the Boat on Our Country’s Greatest Export.” EdSurge News. December 5, 2016.

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“Gaps in Achieving Campus Goals for Internationalization.”  With John Waterhouse. ACE.  June 9, 2016.  

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“ROI Strengthens Collective Leadership through On-boarding Campus Leaders.”  ROI Consulting Group Quarterly Newsletter 1,1(August 2016): 1-3. (With Barbara Kaufman)

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"Moving Up or Moving On:  Women and Succession Planning."  Women in Higher Education 22,12 (December 2013): 24-25.

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"Remedying the Demographic Disconnect."  Business Officer 47,1 (July/August 2013): 94-95.

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"Flexibility in Faculty Careers."  The Presidency. American Council on Education. 13,1(2010): 20-24.

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